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Considering the union as a civil umbrella for farmers or a union that brings them together, a continuous demand throughout decades, specifically since 1932, when a number of farmers held the first meeting in the Koura District from northern Jordan to demand the establishment of a farmers’ union and another attempt in 1949 in the capital governorate Amman..... to The third attempt came in the early nineties, until the government responded to the farmers' demands to establish the union in 1997... by issuing Law No. (19) and its amendments.
It was managed by a governmental committee for a period of two years to prepare for the establishment of the union branches and the elections of the Council at the end of 1999, and began its work as a civil body with a legal personality with financial and administrative independence, aiming to allow the participation of the largest number of farmers, pooling their efforts, directing their interests, and providing services to them to contribute to the development and development of the agricultural sector.

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